Raise Your Pints

Raise Your Pints is a grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to help bring the highest quality beers in the world to Mississippi. A small group of like-minded beer loving individuals began their quest in 2007 with a discussion on Mississippi's archaic beer laws. From this, their mission became to promote and enhance craft beer culture in Mississippi by working to lift the ban on high gravity beer (which passed successfully in 2012); to clarify the status of homebrewing as a legal, fun, and wholesome hobby (another success in 2013); and to promote Mississippi’s beer, brewpub, and brewing industries and small businesses; and work to broaden the appreciation of craft beer for all Mississippians.

To assist with these goals, I crafted a emblematic mark, featuring the iconic pint glass, as well as a striking font that could be easily reproduced across multiple platforms.